What To Ask A Team Of San Jose Movers Before Finally Deciding

1Dealing with a team of San Jose movers asks for education and research. Aside from checking out some testimonials and researching the past of a company, make sure that you get in touch with the respective company in the attempt to find as many details as possible. After all, you are the employer, so you have to take your potential employees through a detailed interview. But what should you ask about?

First of all, the experience in this domain is a must. Ask the representative about the time spent in business. A new company obviously does not have too much experience, so it will most likely learn how to deal with things while working for you. On the other hand, some professionals know exactly what they are doing. They have probably dealt with dozens of similar things, so they know exactly how to protect or transport them accordingly. In order to make sure that they are not lying to you, inquire about your special items. Have they transported such things before? How did they protect them? What about the wrapping part? Can they give you any hints regarding the packing part? After all, no insurance will be enough for unique items, such as your babies’ clay hand prints.

The license is just as important in the process and represents an actual necessity. A company who is not accredited to work has probably failed in achieving the license from some reason or another. Maybe the quality standards are not good enough or perhaps the license has been withdrawn due to too many negative complaints. Even if the representatives tell you that the license association is ongoing, you cannot tell whether this is right or not. If you relocate to a different state, the respective San Jose movers must have a United States DOT (Department Of Transportation) number. The number is unique and can be taken for a license. It is only released by the respective department. It is never a bad idea to check the respective number over the Internet or through a phone call. On the other hand, if you need to transport some things within the same state – whether it is the same city or a different one, the movers require a local state license.

Such small details are very important before finally deciding on a service, so make sure that you ask about them before choosing a name, regardless of how friendly and professional a representative might seem.

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